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List of over 100 black owned hair care companies

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Black owned natural hair products or black owned beauty brands are something to be celebrated. They should be taken seriously so they stay with us for generations to come.

Historically, we have always known how to take care of our own hair because our ancestors passed their knowledge down. Natural hair care is nothing new. Time, by being exposed to different beauty standards and various other reasons have caused some of us to miss out on that information. Instead relying on relaxing and straightening our hair to make it easier to manage. At the expense of healthy natural hair.

So why should black ownership be celebrated? Our buying power is well into the billions, think of all the black people on the planet that use products to look after our hair. All of the products we use, for example - the car we drive and the clothes we wear are probably owned by people that don’t look like us. Which is one thing. When it comes to the hair products we use, the major afro black hair care companies are also not owned by people that look like us.

We, who should have the knowledge to take care of our own hair, have people who don’t know what it’s like to be us, selling the products we should have ownership over.

To be clear, I don’t want to take anything away from the established brands because they are popular for good reason. If their products didn’t work then people wouldn't buy them again and again. Also, it’s not like there is some non-black person running the company by themselves. They get feedback from us and there are black people employed by them.

My issue is with ownership. We should be building wealth in our community from products that we use.

Luckily times are changing for the better and more people are looking into buying black owned brands.

Learn more in our discussion on - is black-owned racist.

I’m part of various natural hair groups on Facebook and I came across a discussion about natural hair products. I’ve been planning this article for a while and that discussion inspired me to get this published. Keyla from NaturallyChic made a really useful list. I borrowed it and added some extra information.

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List of Black Owned Hair Products

I’ve got over 100 entries to get through so check back regularly to find updates.

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Black Owned Hair Products - Updated 19 Jun 2021
2 Curls 1 MissionDynasty HarrisMassachusettsNoNo
Adwoa BeautyJulian AddoTexasNoNo
Alikay NaturalsRochelle Alikay Graham-CampbellFloridaNoYes
Alodia Hair CareDr. Isfahan Chambers-HarrisMarylandNoNo
Bee Mine OrganicsTracey WildUnknownNoYes
Belle ButtersTasha BurtonMissouriNoNo
Belnouvo BeautyArcman DurosierTexasNoNo
BGLHLeila NoellisteNew YorkNoYes
Blue Roze BeautyBrittany McKinneyVirginiaNoNo
Botanical Bliss botanicaUnknownGeorgiaNoNo
BriogeoNancy TwineNew YorkNoYes
Brown Girl OrganicsDior BeyeFloridaNoNo
Camille Rose Naturals Janell StephensLouisianaNoYes
Che NaturalsChe’PennsylvaniaNoNo
Chocolate Kinks & Kurls Juanita HendersonIndianaNoNo
Chubby Curls Manushkka SainvilColoradoNoNo
Curl Collection  Nadja ReniseGeorgiaNoNo
Curls Dynasty Nickie NougaisseFloridaNoYes
Curl JunkieMarsha CoultonNew YorkNoNo
CurlmixKimberly LewisFloridaNoYes
Curl OriginNadia AyoNew YorkNoNo
CURLSMahisha DellingerCaliforniaNoYes
Curls & PotionsMichelle Nicole Fontaine-Jonesn/aNoYes
Curluxe NaturalsAnikitia AbramNew YorkNoNo
Darcy’s BotanicalsLysandra TaylorGeorgiaNoNo
Design EssentialsCornell McBride Sr.GeorgiaNoYes
Diva By CindyCindy TawiahMarlylandNoYes
E’Tae Natural ProductsLakisha TompkinsPennsylvaniaNoYes
Earthtones NaturalsSusan WalkerOntarioNoNo
Eden bodyworksJasmine LawrenceWashingtonNoYes

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