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14 tips on how to grow afro hair

Finally, everything you need to know about how to grow an afro. We interviewed experts to help find these 14 tips to help you grow your hair fast

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The Best Afro Hair Products

The best natural afro hair products available, a complete list of products you need for every step in your hair care routine

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Natural Hair Care Glossary 2019

Finally, the list you've been looking for. Everything you need to know about natural afro hair care. Use this list to help you grow long textured 4c curls

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Shea Moisture Jamaican Castor Oil Conditioner for natural hair

What if there was something to moisturize, strengthen AND help grow your hair? Shea Moisture Leave-in conditioner is truely an incredibible conditioner

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Entrepreneurship, Modeling and Natural Hair with Celai West

We talk to the talented and incredibly hard working entrepreneur Celai West. Celai tells us about her unique homemade hair tea!

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First Year Doing it Herself - Elise Talks Natural Hair

We had a chat with the amazing Elise Campbell. She has been looking after her own 4c hair for a year now after taking over from her mother

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Travel The World and Natural Hair with Ebonie Roberge

We talk natural hair with the beautiful Ebonie Roberge. We learned that the journey to a perfect natural hair routine can be a long one

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Model, Artist and Musician - Natural Hair with Manna McLeod

We talk natural hair with the beautiful model Manna. We picked up some tips and learn about some new products. Can’t wait for you to read!

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Learning to Love Natural Hair with Sharna

Sharna tells us about her journey and learning to love & appreciate her natural hair. She talks about growing up mixed race and learning about herself.

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Going Natural with Blessed

Zambian born Blessed talks about her decision to go natural. We discuss her top hairstyles and which products are best for natural hair.

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Natural Hair with Model Leah Alexxanderr-Caine

This week we had a chat with the amazing Leah Alexxanderr-Caine. She is a model born & raised in east London, currently living in Essex.

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Social Media Natural Hair Influencer Tyler Talks Natural Hair Care

Tyler the natural hair enthusiast from Grenada talks about her routine and her favourite products. She has some amazing hairstyles for black women.

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