Tyler Talks Natural Hair Care

Island girl and Natural Hair enthusiast Tyler tells us what it takes to get beautiful natural afro hair

This week we had a chat with the beautiful Tyler, she's only 18 and already so focused. We can't wait to see what she gets up to. Make sure you follow her on Instagram @knotsncurls and check out her youtube channel knotsncurls.

Tyler Grenada natural hair knotsncurls


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Hello Tyler, tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Tyler and I am an 18 year old island girl. In West Indies, Grenada born and raised, on the beaches is where I spent most of my days. I am also a student & natural hair enthusiast.

What does your natural hair mean to you?

To me, natural hair is freedom, acceptance, confidence and patience.

How would you describe your hair and what is your family history?

My head is filled with various types of hair textures. The front & nape area is where my curls are looser & softer. The middle is slightly coarser & the curls are much tighter. My family, as far as I know is a long line of beautiful black Caribbean people with no mixed ethnicities.

Tyler knotsncurls different hair textures

Talk us through your hair routine

My hair routine changes from time to time but currently, I wash my hair with shampoo & conditioner every week & deep condition, which I think is key. I try to style my hair once for the week but sometimes I change styles within the week.

My favorite hair products are:

TGIN Honey Miracle Hair Mask

Flora & Curl Organic Rose & Honey Milk Leave-in Detangler

How did you view your hair growing up? 

Honestly, I didn’t think much about my hair when I was younger, too busy playing, lol. However, I can say that I did not like having to comb my hair. The process would be so long & painful. I would always receive compliments on my hair.

Did you have role model growing up that helped you & where did you learn to take care of your hair?

I first relaxed my hair when I was 11; I was entering high school & wanted to be able to do my hair myself. My relaxed hair was very healthy & thick. Around the age of 13, I started literally binge watching YouTube videos & always stumbled upon videos about natural hair.

I loved watching Mahoganycurls & Naptural85. The way they took care of their hair & how beautiful it looked inspired me to return to natural & I took that journey by transitioning.

What happened when you started doing your hair yourself?

At first, doing my hair, especially while transitioning was a difficult task, I now had two completely different textures to take care of. The availability of great natural hair products was none existent & so it was a struggle but I managed.

Any funny stories?

One day, after I had fully transitioned, I was attempting a flexi rod set but no matter what I did, it was not coming out the way I wanted it to & the flexi rods were not staying in. I got so frustrated & irritated that I just cut off about half of my hair. My mom freaked but then she got over it. That same day I got it professionally cut really short, my hair was about 2-3 inches.

Is there anything you wish you knew sooner?

I believe that I had to go through the entire process of figuring it all out to be able to know exactly how to take care of my hair now. I have no regrets.

Tyler knotsncurls posing with natural afro hair

What advice would you give for taking care of natural hair?

Find a routine that works for you & stick to it.

Do what is necessary for your hair, if you have damaged ends or split ends, cut it off! Don’t hold onto it because of length it can adversely affect your hair in the long run.

What is your favourite hairstyle right now?

I love doing High Puffs because it is the quickest & easiest.

Do you have any hair plans for the future?

This year I wanted to take many risks & have fun with my natural hair so I do plan on dying it, something very different & bold.

Tyler knotsncurls in the sun

What are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about helping others realize their full potential & worth and also I’m passionate about attaining full happiness.

How can we follow/ contact you?

INSTAGRAM: @knotsncurls

YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/knotsncurls

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